about Useroo Search Art

Useroo was initially founded in 1998, on the Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise), in Queensland, Australia.
Artist , Web Designer and Global Scientific Astrologer Rudolf Megert of Switzerland was the founder and currently still is the main owner of Useroo Search Art.

The name Useroo stands for the (freely interpreted) Australian slang for a user (of the internet).
The first 24 hours of being online back then where a surprise smash hit, no one knew of it, it was nowhere publicized but already 8 web sites where submitted within those first 24 hours, the very first one came from Russia!

Over the years Useroo had to go through a number of necessary upgrades on all levels to accommodate growing user expectations and a growing database plus monitoring of the vitality of all linked resources listed.

Useroo Search Art is a human edited web directory, we list no unfinished or of inappropriate contents.

Useroo privacy policy: We never had and never will have any interest in storing any more data then what’s needed to place an informative link to a successfully added site in our database.
We only use an email address to send out a submission result as a form of information to the submitter.
Thereafter Useroo will never be interested to send out any mass mails, no matter what.
Useroo places no cookies on any PC’s either, we do not even use a big G visitors tracking system!

This far Useroo was a „labor of love“ project with absolutely no fiscal rewards whatsoever for the few that dedicated their time to it. In simple terms speaking Useroo is very similar to the Open Directory Project, just on a much smaller scale to date, but since about 2010 we realized that it is fair enough to charge a small one time addition fee for any commercial site addition.

As the founder and owner of Useroo Search Art has his interests a bit more on the artistic or intellectual side of things there is a special focus on all forms of art, including intellectual creativity and of course – even though we currently do not (not yet) have separate languages interfaces – we enjoy reviewing web sites from absolutely anywhere in the world, as a form of global cultural interest!

In 2014 Useroo Search Art now has moved to a modern WordPress environment.

The founder of Useroo Search Art is a true global citizen (in the real world) and therefore „headquarters“ travels A LOT!
For the above reason – and to avoid the usual hassle with unsolicited e- or snail-mailings – we chose not to publish a mailing address online.
Should you have any SERIOUS need to contact us at Useroo.tk please ask for further details via our contact form and we gladly supply you with further details if deemed necessary.

If you are a business interested in any form of joint venture partnership with Useroo Search Art please be assured that we are open to interesting and creative ideas.

Finally a note about our category images.
Many of them are creations by Useroo Search Art editors, but we also gathered a good number of them from the big G images archives.
Should any rightful owner of such an image have an issue with us using it we will gladly honor requests to remove / replace it.

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