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(Useroo Search Art listings policies)

Useroo Search Art is divided into 2 sectors!
The commercial sector (all sites listed in any sub categories of the main category „Shopping“)
the free arts and info sector (all other categories besides of „Shopping“).

A few pointers to help submitters to distinct:

  • A lawyers services site is a commercial service, hence it can not be listed in our free sub category „legals“ but needs to be submitted as a commercial site, for instance under „Shopping > Services > general (or office)“.
  • An Art Gallery is a commercial entity too, allthough we love the arts, it can not be submitted into the free sub category „ART > Fine arts“ (for instance), but needs to be submitted as a commercial site under „Shopping > Other > collectibles (or goods)“ etc.
  • For artists who intend to sell their art work also through their website we make an exception because we endorse artists where we can, such sites are always listed for free.
  • Fake free information sites with plenty of links leading to affiliate or personal sales pages may find it difficult to get listed at Useroo Search Art, or if at all only under commercial sites, for the standard one time addition fee.

Before you submit….
Make sure your URL isn’t already listed!
Not sure if you did previously submit your free arts or free information website – or a commercial goods or services site for the small one time addition fee already?

Please conduct a quick search to check on that.

Why should it matter?
Any second submission of the same URL/site will automatically delete the previous one, meaning if your site was listed originally at the beginning of a category somewhere it will disappear from there and your second submission will be added at the current end of that categories listings!

Please also read this…
Note that editors of Useroo Search Art physically review all submitted websites before they are officially added to our web directory listings online.
The 2 website  submission forms, free site addition and commercial site addition, are the only way Useroo Search Art accepts site additions!
MULTISUBMISSION -SOFTWARE or -WEBSITES are NOT authorized, we delete all such SPAMMED SUBMISSIONS automatically.
Submit only the MAIN PAGE of your entire site
(we only list the main page – ergo the „index.html“ file of „yourdomain.com/“).

Since we monitor the live online status of all sites listed we reserve the right to remove dead or misleading redirection websites after a certain observation period of time!

As we mention a few times, we keep on monitoring uptimes of all sites listed at the Useroo Search directory.
This could mean that your previously listed site could disappear from our directory index if the following circumstances happened to your site for a certain period of time we deem to long:

  • Bandwidth exceeded.
  • Server down.
  • Site got messed up to a degree no contents could be viewed anymore.

If something like this happened to you – simply resubmit your (hopefully now fully functional up and running) site again.

Should your sites domain name or structure change you need not to worry, our system will detect the redirection and adjust your listed domain or sub domain accordingly, your site will not be removed.

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