healthy living

extensive information on Aromatherapy, Essential oils
high quality herbal remedies, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda
Whole body health with Barleygreen and Just Carrots carrot juice
joint pain, back pain, all about pain and healing
major mental health directory
Offering professional certification programs
Books to learn the ancient tibetan technique for Eternal Youth
Food and life style information site, based on Canada’s Food Guide, nutrition
Personal Wellness Consulting and Oriental Medicine
Acupuncture clinic in Bakersfield, California. Owned and operated by Dr Eugene Yung Shun Lin, a doctore who was educated in China and has over 35 years experience
A blog about proper health and nutrition habits
Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts is the Northwest’s leading academic institution for advancing knowledge in massage therapy and bodywork
Education & support on how to live a Soulful life, follow your intuition & act upon it. Consultation for atmosphere enhancement, natural landscaping, Sacred spaces personal and business

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