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We are glad to inform all visitors, we do not track, trace or store any visitor information on our site (except for whatever data is submitted to us for getting listed at Useroo Search Art).

Useroo is using Google Custom Search.
This means that brand new listings will not show in searches until big G has done their next scheduled indexing – however, newly listed sites will be visible already in the category / sub category of choice within the directory itself!
In any case, only the title and description you put into the submission form will be spidered for search results, no SEO needed!
Within the description text area it is therefore wise to use perhaps a short sentence PLUS the 2 or 3 most important keywords (where they don’t appear already in the title or description sentence).

We do review each and every site submitted to us and reserve the right to decline sites found improper. We may also alter / optimize your title and description text if we see improvements for your submitted site in doing so.

Useroo does not have a strict policy on what is proper and what not, we judge by taste – so to speak.

What we can’t list:

  • Auto submissions (programs or – websites) are NEVER authorized to hack into our system!
  • Anyone using such will not get listed!
  • Due to legal restrictions online gambling and adult sites can not be listed at Useroo Search Art, we additionally try anyway to be a family friendly directory!
  • Sites with no or disgraceful contents of any sort, just-links-pages or affiliate copies will not be listed !
  • ! Useroo can not be held responsible for the content of any sites listed in it’s internet database, we do our best during the reviewing process to ensure we can offer a clean database to all our visitors.
  • Yes, we are bi-lingual (German and English), we may understand some French, Spanish, Dutch, and theoretically we could list any site in any language – but, we need to be able to understand the content of a site before we can list it, thus, sites solely using languages we can not read can not be listed, we recommend site owners produce at least an English version in addition to their main language.

2 Kommentare:

  1. Hello,
    Please remove all links to my domain,, from your website.
    I do not want to receive backlinks from you.
    Thank you.
    Brad Parker

    • Hello Mr. Parker, we’re sorry you sound so disgruntled, but with a company name containing the word scorpion we understand…. 🙂

      Since you are the first to request a site being removed from our BRANDNEW system (of our directory established already back in 1996) we accordingly arranged a special site removal requests service page at
      As a little „thank you“ (of sorts) we will, however, credit you with a free removal for being the first one to point out the need of this additional service to us.
      This is the one-and-only free removal service we where able to grant, for future reference.

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